A dream within a dream...

post human, post capitalism, post postmodernism, post God

the Immaterial material is light, air, and glass

the crystallization of calvino

self, soul, freewill, kierkegaard, nietzsche

the individual and postmodernism

the will to power as a force of nature

rigidity of modern capitalistic structures, this same phenomenon has created a space for the individual; Locke's social contract; the superego of civilization and the id of the individual - the postmodernists were right in regards to beacuratic overload; order and chaos; paganism as a reaction to postmodernism? weekday 9-5 office jobs, weekends in the club; the best answer in this system is the answer that you're supposed to say - you are the superego cataclyzed machine, no longer human. the thing being acted upon, a cog. loss of the individual in a system built upon individuality. cells in cell buildings - cells shelter in confinement; the internet as some sort of reactionary solution to the postmodernists, decentralizing force against bloated beacraucy. to buy is to be one, to appear is to be. consumerism replaced church, Kant would dissapoint. Alone together, interconnectivity. coevolution and cyborgs..interconnectivity - AI will be better at us than everything. the classics and canon are eternal. Jung's existential experiments.

Dionysus/Apollo as the two fundamental forces of the universe - Birth of Tragedy

Flowers are beauty and death

to do: add social media icons and set up Behance, Art Station, Vimeo in a way I can get inspiration

Picasso's fractured dreams emerging from modern systems


A layer of sound four your home...

We decorate our homes with visual beauty. Form and color have been expressed and captured on rocks, paper, and now LCD's. The nature in which the medium can be permanently captured in its container allowed our prehistoric, low tech ancestors to paint on cave walls. On the otherhand, the fleeting, wave like nature of sound has always made it a live event, revisted only through memory. Heraclitus - "Ever-newer waters flow on those who step in the same river." Now, auditory beauty?

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